Breakout Sessions at C3 2022

Take a peek at the sessions you’ll have access to at this year’s event— check back often as more sessions are unveiled!

Powering up Your Suite: A Beginner's Guide to Analytics
Pushing Analytics to the Next Level: An Advanced Guide to Analytics
Unlock New Insights with Best Practices in Analytics
Uncover the Voice of Your Customer: An Intermediate Guide to Analytics
Get Inspired: Stories from the 2022 Calabrio Analytics Competition Finalists
Calabrio ONE Suite
Catch Fatigue Before it Becomes Burnout with Calabrio ONE
The Great Reshuffle: How to Manage it and Drive Employee Engagement
The Power of Tracking Metrics: 5 New Ideas
The Art of the Possible with the Calabrio ONE Suite
Contact Center on Mission: Deliver World Class Customer Experience with Invigorating Culture
45 Ideas in 45 Minutes! Hosted by Dave Hoekstra
Go Cloud Now! Best Practices When Making the Move
Calabrio's Best Kept Secret: How to use the Calabrio Success and Learning Center
Quality Management
Power Up Your Quality by Setting Up Workflows & Tagging Content
Discover What's New in Quality Management & Analytics
How to Ditch Your Manual Quality Process and Adopt an Analytics-Fueled Approach
Reinvigorate Your Training: Beginner's Guide to Performance Coaching
Tap into the Power of Calibrations
Supercharge Your Quality: Advanced Guide to Quality Management
10 Ways to Amp Up Your Quality Management Strategy
Maximize Your Evaluation Form Manager
Boost Your Evaluations
The Next Level: Intermediate Guide to Quality Management
Get Started: Beginner's Guide to Quality Management
Demystifying Metadata for Quality Management
Under the Hood of Data Explorer for Workforce Management
Kickstarting Data Explorer: A Beginner's Guide
Advancing Business Intelligence: A Product Update from Calabrio's BI Team
Unlock the Power of Data Explorer for Quality Management and Analytics
Power Up Your Reporting with Calabrio Data Management
Accelerating Contact Center Insights with Data Explorer: An Intermediate Guide
Beyond the Contact Center: How Your Data can Enable Departments Across Your Organization to Become a CX Powerhouse
The Art of the Possible with Data Explorer: An Advanced Guide
Workforce Management
Taking New WFM Forecasting to the Next Level: An Advanced Guide
Building Forecasts in Classic Calabrio WFM
Scheduling in New Calabrio WFM: Advanced Training
Automate Your Time Off Request Process in New Calabrio WFM
Efficiently Manage Users in New Calabrio WFM
Adherence: A Practical Take on How to Support Your Agents and Hit Your SLAs with Dave Hoekstra
Agent Empowerment at the Heart of Your WFM Strategy
Peek Around the Corner: What's New & Upcoming in New Calabrio WFM
Schedule Like a Pro: Shift Bidding in New Calabrio WFM
Build a Powerful Workforce Management Team
Take on Real Time/Intraday Management in New Calabrio WFM
Scheduling in New Calabrio WFM: Beginner Training
Creating Schedules in Classic Calabrio WFM
Hey WFM Professionals! What's Keeping You Up at Night?
Forecasting in New Calabrio WFM: A Beginner's Guide